Alloy wheel refurbishment service

We offer a complete comprehensive alloy wheel refurbishment service including repairs, refurbishments and replacements. We have the skills and expertise to replace, repair or refurbish any type of alloy wheel.

We have been providing a first class alloy wheel refurbishment service to ipswich and the surrounding areas for many years now, you can feel assured that no matter the type of alloy or model of vehicle, we have dealt with it before. Alloy wheels can often be costly to purchase, our wheel refurbishment service is a great cost-effective solution.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a service typically turned to when someone is looking to restore their existing alloys rather than replacing them with new ones. This enables you to maintain a vehicles original authenticity without a heavy price tag.

Alloy wheel refurbishment needs to be carried out by a trained professional in order to ensure no damage is sustained to the alloys during the refurbishment process.

We are often commended for our quick turnaround times and astounding customer service. We are second to none.


Alloy wheel refurbishment process

The first step is removing the cars tyres from the wheels - The wheels are then stripped of any residue existing finish or corrosion allowing for a good adhesion of the new finish yet to be applied.

Once the alloy is removed the damage can now be safely assessed and repaired. Lighter scratches and scuffs are carefully sanded out, whilst deeper gashes are filled and then sanded.

Next, the alloys are then blasted clean to remove any residue from the process.

After the alloy has been sanded smooth in preparation for refurbishment they are ready to be painted.

An initial base priming coat is applied and given time to set.

Once the base coat has properly set, the finish can finally be applied in a clockwise motion, this is important to achieve a high quality, even finish.

This is our tried and trusted alloy wheel refurbishment process for restoring your old alloys to their former glory.

We also offer an alloy wheel repair service.

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