We have over 20 years of experience operating as a smart repair company, we can carry out any repairs you require. we offer a comprehensive mobile smart repair service with the aim of being as convenient to you as possible. Accidents unfortunrealy happen. Luckily, our team are fully qualified and ready to carry out any work you require no matter how extensive the damage may be.

Covering Ipswich and the surrounding area repairs can be carriedout at your home or work place so that you don’t have to be without your vehicle for any longer than necessary.

Significant savings can be made on body shop expenses and repairs can cost less than insurance policies excess. You can be confident that repairs are carried out with great care to the highest standards possible.

Smart Repair Services 

  • Smart Repair (Small to Medium sized area repairs)
  • Home Repairs
  • Small Body Repairs
  • Bumper Scuffs
  • Panel Scrapes
  • Panel Scratches
  • Stone Chip Repairs
  • Paint Work Rectification

What is a Smart Repair?

A smart repair is a classification given to a range of small repairs such as small dents, scratches, bumper scrapes or damaged alloys for example. They are usually fairly quick and inexpensive fixes to be carried out, saving the costs of utilising a workshop and minimising time you will be spending without your vehicle.


Why choose a smart repair?

The main benefit of using a smart repair service is that they are usually cheaper than going to a body shop, because the repairs can often be carried out on-site and are for a small area. The cheaper price however should not reflect a low quality job, they are just generally cheaper. Smart repairs are also usually pretty quick to carry out with many repairs available to be carried out on the same day, minimising any inconvenience to you. The other major plus point for using a smart repair service is that due to the lower cost you might find it more beneficial to not claim on your  insurance, protecting your no claims bonus. 

If you feel the repairs you require are more extensive than a smart repair, please see our body shop repairs page.

Contact us to book your vehicle in for a smart repair today.